eBay updates you should be aware of

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eBay updates you should be aware of
17 Sep 2015
If you are selling on eBay, there are some updates that you should aware of:

1- Product identifiers

EBay’s Product identifiers help sellers to improve their product visibility not only in eBay’s search results, but also, in other search engines too. Product identifiers are unique identification codes or numbers that can can be given to every product listed, making it easy for people to search for items and make purchases.

2- Item specific listings

Another valuable update by eBay, sellers will have an ability to customize their product description. This way, infusing relevant keywords to those item description will make it easy for customers to gain access of products and encourage them to spend more.

3- Automated returns process

Mid- September 2015, the term “hassle-free returns” on eBay will be simply considered as “eBay returns.” Sellers who choose to offer returns, will enjoy all-together a single, customized return process. This feature update will offer an ability to automate, as well as, manually accept and reject returns request.

Source link: www.orderhive.com/ebay-updates-sellers-aware/

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