Worst company! Will not resolve any issues.

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Worst company! Will not resolve any issues.
17 Sep 2015
I have been using Solid Commerce for more than a year. And their support become even worse now.

1. They promised a lot, such as quickbooks pos integration, and features look good. But pos integration never worked.
2. The control panel is so old school and hard to navigate.
3. Learning curve! You have to spend a lot of time to learn. Until now, I still cannot setup everything correctly.
4. Lots of bugs.
5. Slow submit to ebay: unlike Channel Advisor or other software, sc has to wait until their batch to submit any updates or new listings. I have experienced from seconds to hours for a new listing to be submitted
6. Hard and take time to make listing: you have to use excel sheet every time. Even if you want to only list one item, you have to do the same thing all over again via excel sheet. There is no simple duplicate. They offer duplicate, but it causes problem.
7. If you have multiple accounts for ebay or amazon, they will create two accounta foe you. But you have to do double work uploading the inventory info to when you get new products. And it is sometimes confusing.

Pricing: they charge every single channel saperately for the price tier. Not combined. Good thig is they do not charge FBA as they do not control FBA inventory

SC does a good job on keeping the kits inventory and it integrates with overstock. Besides that, I do not recommend it.
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Re: Worst company! Will not resolve any issues.
21 Sep 2015
This company is full of problem. I am leaving soon and very happy. There is no person or software that could hurt my business worse than SolidCommerce. Have you looked for another alternatives ? this is the most expensive one out there and what you get is the worst one.
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Re: Worst company! Will not resolve any issues.
29 Sep 2015
Thank you for your feedback we truly value your opinion and would like to get this matter resolved. For security purposes please email me at suppport@SolidCommerce.com so that we may assist you further. We will work diligently to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible, Thank you!
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