Support no longer exists

A review of Solid Commerce by Fred123
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Support no longer exists
17 Sep 2015
AS of he last 3 months, support is useless. It takes 5 emails to get one response and they no longer take phone calls. Service used to be ok but it's very tough to get things done when you go through 5 different reps in 5 months.
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Re: Support no longer exists
21 Sep 2015
i opened a ticket first week of June and expected to fix end of october. issue is multiware house function is not working which is what i am paying for. But i have to everything manual.

SolidCommerce has good sales people to convince you and they have terrible ecommerce software to ruin your business.
Overall i would give them ZERO!
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Re: Support no longer exists
27 Sep 2015
@Sy84 I agree. I have had several issues - my year is up in October - and now i am looking for a replacement inventory management company.

we started to add our Amazon items to eBay - no one wanted to help - kept giving me links to do it myself... i did - i missed something, one month later - still no items on EBAY (Except my manually done ones) and its pretty would think they would want us to have higher sales, so they make more money etc.

Items keep selling that i had a qty 0 on and skus i have closed and deleted, keep coming back....

I don't know what to do but im getting extremely fed up too.
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Re: Support no longer exists
29 Sep 2015
@Fred123 Thank you for your feedback we truly value your opinion and would like to get this matter resolved. For security purposes please email me at so that we may assist you further. Thank You!
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