What do you feel about eBay's new fall updates?

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What do you feel about eBay's new fall updates?
22 Sep 2015
eBay keep updating their seller policy every year. In this year, they have made the major changes in their policy in order to cope up with the other giants. What do you feel about the recent update? Is it good or bad? In favour or against?

Here is the insight of the update: www.easystorehosting.com/ebay/ebays-2015-fall-update-what-it-means-for-your-business
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Re: What do you feel about eBay's new fall updates?
30 Sep 2015

I'm glad they are finally making these changes but i wont be enough to compete with Amazon.

eBay update:
*Be incredibly careful with your product descriptions and images
*Make sure your customers are completely satisfied and leave positive feedback
*Focus on lightning fast shipping

1) This should a be a requirement for any legitimate requirement business! Unless your selling used stuff. which is the stigma that eBay is looked at as.

2) This step can be done very easily if automated.

3) Good luck competing with Prime! 2-day delivery will never happen out of the expense of a seller.

This is not the main problem with eBay to ever make any progress!

They need to spot with listing Fees!

Stop with monthly listing that expire and having to reposted. Should be a permanent listing option! If they don't want several sellers on the same item like amazon. Then has set rules in order to remove inactive listings.

There interface is horrible compared to Amazon! Amazon seller portal actually got a major update in the last month.

Nor is the interface user friendly at all on eBay.
eBay also provides horrible analytics, and there not current!
Pulling reports is also laughable! took 24 hours to get a report of 60 lines! like really?

I can't see how a large volume seller could make a wise business decisions with out dated information and make changes on the fly.

And not cater to Large companies which to be honest are probably the only thing keeping them afloat. FYI there called "Diamond sellers"! I would suggest people to read up on this. They have special agreement with eBay so they have extra perks then a regular seller. which is unfair.

Where as on Amazon you are all the same no matter what. no matter how little or large you are.

But to answer the original question, i feel like there are way much more important things eBay should be working on in order to truly compete with the large market place giants, despite these changes.

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