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A review of JPEGbay by oldcostumejewelry
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2 Oct 2015
I've used JPEGbay since Village Photos crashed years ago. Though I was upset about VP it was actually a good thing because I found this site. I researched many photo sites, especially the ones used for eBay, but this one is by far the easiest to use and also the best value. I am paying WAY less than I was with VP and believe I'm still paying less that the other sites (though I haven't checked in years now). You can see my photos on ebay or on my website to check it out. My user ID on ebay is oldcostmejewelry.You really need to check this out, you'll be pleasantly surprised if not amazed at the ease of use here as well as the cost for upgraded paid accounts. $2 per month is awesome! By the way, They have never been down since I've been with them, about 4 years.
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