What should be my very first step?

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What should be my very first step?
6 Oct 2015
Hello Folks,

I have quite a bit of online experience, but I have never ran a business of this nature. I have built sites and blogs and sold a ton of stuff on eBay that I made myself, but never have I sold products that someone else made (except affiliate programs).

If you could just direct me to link that would show me what to do. that would be great; I don't want you to waste your time trying to explain all of this stuff to me, so a link would be fine.

Thanks in advance!

God Bless!

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Re: What should be my very first step?
6 Oct 2015
Selling stuff someone else made is no different than selling stuff you made yourself. You do have to be aware of any rules your wholesaler may have for selling online (some don't like eBay/Amazon sales, MAP pricing, etc). The other difference you have to watch out for is the competition for the product line you are looking to market. Make sure your product purchase price leaves plenty of room for overhead, shipping and profit. Good luck.
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Re: What should be my very first step?
7 Oct 2015
Hi Mark, thanks for posting

I think you've posted a good question, but I find it very difficult to answer!

This site is all about selling physical products through online marketplaces. It's a broad topic and there are many ways to sell online. You'll find plenty of other sites that will tell you there is one particular strategy to follow such as private labelling, retail arbitrage, dropshipping and so on.

But those sites always have something to gain from it, typically because they sell educational material or software tools. The truth is that there is no "right" or "best" way to sell online - any strategy can work well or fail miserably. It's all in the execution.

Having said that, I think there is value in a guide which explains the main strategies used by online sellers. That's something I plan to work on, but in the meantime here's a list of the main ones I can think of and a link for each one:

  • White/Private Labelling www.webretailer.com/lean-commerce/tag/private-labelling/
  • Clearance/liquidation andrewminalto.com/how-to-sell-clearance-stock-on-ebay/
  • Reselling/traditional retail www.webretailer.com/lean-commerce/product-sourcing-strategy/
  • Handmade products handmadeharbour.blogspot.co.uk...-for-successfully-selling.html
  • Retail arbitrage www.arbing.co.uk/retail-arbitrage/
  • Selling used products www.webretailer.com/lean-commerce/momox/

  • These strategies aren't exclusive to one another by any means. The successful businesses I know don't generally see themselves as one thing or another. They're just in business and will do whatever they believe is right to grow and become more profitable.
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    Re: What should be my very first step?
    9 Oct 2015
    They summed it up lol

    But they forget Customer Service! Haha

    Amazon and eBay are to completely different animals.
    If you are accustomed to eBay already then Amazon will be a breeze.
    Alot more simplified and ease of use.

    But keep in mind the customer on Amazon are very different from eBays.
    eBay is more casual and you engage at a more personal level.
    Amazon is more rapid and all they care about is price / availability/ and shipping time.
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    Re: What should be my very first step?
    10 Oct 2015
    Thanks everyone, for the great responses!

    I can see there will be a learning curve here, and Andy, thanks for those links! I will definitely check them out.

    I really do appreciate the time you folks took to explain this stuff to me.

    God Bless!

    Mark "Elmo" Ellis

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