Our account has been broken for over half year

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Our account has been broken for over half year
8 Oct 2015
We have been using ShipStation for years and have processed hundreds of thousands of orders through their system. For the most part for the first segment of our relationship everything ran fairly smooth and when there was problems they were taken care of. One time we had to talk to the owner and go back and forth but in the end it was resolved.

Unfortunately since the company was quietly bought out by Stamps.com the company as gone downhill. Our account has had nothing but glitches for over a half year which has cost us countless dollars in lost time. When we contact their tech support and CS they completely ignore what we tell them and use robot responses. Their search engine is broken. When we type anything we sell into the search field it does not populate the search. They want us to send them a video of that because they are robots. Sending a video is utterly worthless as what does it help to visualize typing in a search parameter and it does not work? They wanted to know our protocols which I told them and they never fix any issues. I had meetings with our account rep which was nice but could never get anything accomplished. After dealing with incompetent CS representatives and we told them their robot responses might as well of been as bad as talking to a wall and more they then treated us poorly and tried to treat us like a child. We ship 600+ orders a day and run a successful eCommerce business and to deal with a company that acts so childish is preposterous. We will be leaving them but not in haste. We gave them too many chances to redeem themselves but they only keep further proving that they are a bunch of nincompoops. It is too bad when a company sells out to a large company that then ruins the entire operation. Do not let them fool you by their shiny tools. They are the worst of the worst.

So much lost time and energy..

We tried so hard to work it.

Sad customer.
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Re: Our account has been broken for over half year
28 Oct 2015
@Cyclerama Good afternoon! I'm trying to research all this and see where things broke down but I'm not finding any accounts under Cyclerama or Cycle-Rama. Could you get me the name your company is registered under so we can figure this out?

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