Overloaded with features and bugs, slow, crashing and buggy

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Overloaded with features and bugs, slow, crashing and buggy
11 Oct 2015
Well, Blackthorne was buggy, slow, and not perfect, but after using SixBit for many month, I can appreciate BT now. If you found BT to be not that great, then SixBit is much worse.

It attempts to do everything, and does everything poorly. Global Shipping Program orders are not importing correctly. Multiple tickets with SixBit did not move the issue at all. After many months - it is still wrong.

SixBit technical support is mostly worthless, and resolves nothing. They are responsive, but responses do not resolve anything. They force you to use beta software to solve some issues, but that beta introduces 10 new issues.

Basically we were forced to permanently use beta version, which is absolutely crazy!

I am really glad that other users (hope those are real users) have great experience with SixBit, we did not. Quit using it couple of months ago, as nothing was solved by the developer.
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Re: Overloaded with features and bugs, slow, crashing and bu
13 Oct 2015

Hi, this is John. I'm the president here at SixBit. I'm sorry you had issues when you were using SixBit. I took a look at your tickets and see where we were working through some issues with you concerning the Global Shipping Program.

Based on the last reply to the ticket, it looks like we had solved the issue and that solution is in the current full release. Global Shipping seems to be stable in our current versions, but if you are still having problems, please let me know and I'll make sure we get them resolved. If you have stopped using SixBit and would like to give it a try again, please email me at support@sixbitsoftware.com and I'll make sure you get another trial. I'd love another chance to address any and all of your issues.

Also, I can personally guarantee that every single SixBit review posted here (or anywhere for that matter) has been posted by a SixBit user. It is strictly against our company policy to post anonymous reviews of our own software. That just wouldn't be right.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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Re: Overloaded with features and bugs, slow, crashing and bu
14 Oct 2015
Great that John Slocum hops on and addresses issues. I would like to add that the few times I have had an issue with SixBit I have received prompt response. In fact, John responded to one of my issues late one night.
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