About the Amazon - Shopify Partnership

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About the Amazon - Shopify Partnership
23 Oct 2015
You may have heard about Amazon’s huge vote of confidence in Shopify recently in the news. Shopify merchants will now able to take advantage of Amazon services such as Login and Pay with Amazon (US only) and FBA. Amazon Webstore owners will also be able to seamless move their online store to Shopify with no downtime. And around the corner, Shopify merchants will also be able to sell their products on Amazon via a direct integration.

Are you already using one of these integrations? Or do you plan to?

Learn more about the Amazon-Shopify partnership and the push for integration here:

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Re: About the Amazon - Shopify Partnership
26 Oct 2015

I wrote my own integrations. Shopify might be wanting to get bought or something. I think when you cozy up to Amazon you may be making a deal that is really difficult to get out of.

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