Anyone can provide feedback for my Online Shop ?

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Anyone can provide feedback for my Online Shop ?
25 Oct 2015

had the site up and running for 2days, did facebook and community marketing, got 200 visits on the site, maybe the actual visit was 100, but I havent made a sale yet, am I pricing too high even with the EXTRA 30% off or people just won't buy for first time browsing???

someone take a look and give me some feedback please ?
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Re: Anyone can provide feedback for my Online Shop ?
27 Oct 2015
Ok let me start by stating on the record that I'm no sort of web-retail expert (I do earn a good living solely from selling on the net however) - so read my comments in that context!

My first thoughts are that the site is clean and functional, well laid out and easy to navigate; that's the good news.

IMHO however, the written content is letting you down throughout; your site is littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Now this isn't the 'be all and end all' and I'm certainly not suggesting that it will be the only reason, or even the main reason, for your problems BUT it gives the site a totally amateur 'feel'.

People buy with their 'feelings' and personally when I'm buying on-line I want to be buying from a competitively priced 'professional' site. I haven't bothered to check the competitiveness of your prices because I'm sure you've done that already, but even if you were a dollar cheaper than your nearest competitor it wouldn't be enough to tempt me while I continued to doubt the credentials of your site.

If it doesn't cost too much to have a proof-reader check and adjust your site I believe it would be money well spent

I hope this helps you in some small way - it is the only reason I've given you my time and thoughts.

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Re: Anyone can provide feedback for my Online Shop ?
28 Oct 2015
Kevin is right.

Apart from it, the pop up is annoying. It should display only once. It is showing up on every page load. People often get annoyed with this kind of marketing and they leave in anger. The object for this pop is to convey your message of discount and it should display between some intervals instead of showing on every page load.

Another thing you should take care is, display as many products as you can on the homepage. Right now there is too much of white space. Utilise that space to display most demanding products from your shelve. For contents, you can create informative pages so avoid putting excessive contents.

Add your contact details so that your customers can contact you in an emergency. People often avoid buying from such website where they can not find contact details of seller. Also, try to add privacy policy, terms and conditions, and shipping details. It will give confidence to visitors.

I hope this will help. It will surely give you some impact since you are marketing vigorously.
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Re: Anyone can provide feedback for my Online Shop ?
29 Oct 2015
the damn coupon is too big, LOL very annoying. it pops up constantly.
maybe smaller in in the corner so you could see the merchandise when it comes up?
I did make and order. I found the prices fine and you might make a note that shipping is very reasonable to the US
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Re: Anyone can provide feedback for my Online Shop ?
6 Nov 2015
I have to admit I really like the site. It is crisp and clean and works well on mobile.

However :

The pop up is annoying, although it does only appear the first time you visit the site now.

Provide links to your facebook / twitter accounts when possible.

Red usually means warning, so think about changing the background colour of some of your text. It will also make your site more aesthetically pleasing.

Add contact details such as email address, physical address and telephone number if possible to your contact page. This increases trust with a customer.

Dump the 'More Service' page.

Edit your 'About Us' page. You may will be good in PHP and Javascript, but what does that mean to somebody looking to buy a Transformers bumper sticker ? Stick to giving relevant points to your target audience.

You have 'Contact Us' on the LHS and ' Leave a Message' on the RHS. You do not need both.

On each item page, the product description is basically repeated. Either remove the 'Product description' which is over half way down the page or add a lot of additional and relevant content to justify its inclusion.

This is just my personal opinion as a buyer and seller of many years. Others may be better than me, but are they as honest as me ?

Keep up the good work.

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