Can't find the 'right' program...

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Re: Can't find the 'right' program...
27 Dec 2006
Hi unusual,

If you have some time, give us a call. I have some recommendations of software you might try, but i'm not sure if they will exactly fit your model. Call us at 201.484.0423 and ask for Adam. I'll be able to give you about 15 minutes where we can discuss your budget and the best available software for your needs (even if it isn't our own solution).
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Re: Can't find the 'right' program...
9 Jan 2007

Lalla wrote:

Have you tried Selling Manager Pro? its a eBay service. I only hit and missed some of the posts, so sorry if this was mentioned or not along the lines of what you're asking about....but I have 2 eBay account, each with their own store. I use the SMPro with one account and the only thing that really bothers me is that I can't schedule a auction to list in advance, so I have to be home every Sunday nite at 6-7pm PST. If you have any questions about it, I'd be happy to try and help.
You can email me direct or ask here.
I agree - this does have an inventory manager built in, complete with average cost/profit per sale. I think eBay offer a free 30 day trial with it too.


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