eBay sites by sales

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eBay sites by sales
28 Oct 2015
Have you heard about any published ranking of eBay national sites ranked by sales or active users number?

Obviously ebay.com will be most popular, but I am curious how about other national ebays.
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Re: eBay sites by sales
5 Nov 2015
There are a lot of resources about the size of ecommerce markets around the world as a whole, but I can't find that information specifically about eBay.

I did find a list of the top eBay markets for UK exporters, which might be useful:


That omits the UK, as it's about exporting from the UK and there will be an English-language bias pushing Australia and Ireland higher.

Other than that I'd check out WebInterpret and ChannelAdvisor as they put out stats on international marketplace selling from time to time e.g.


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