T-Hub by Atandra has changed the way we do business forever.

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T-Hub by Atandra has changed the way we do business forever.
28 Oct 2015
T-HUB has completely been a game changer for us. We are a company that sells both wholesale and retail products through various online selling channels and multiple identities. T-Hub has seamlessly worked with our two Magento shopping carts, two eBay seller ids, and 1 Amazon seller id. The control we have over how customers and sales receipts or invoices get created in Quickbooks Enterprise is amazing. Another feature of T-Hub that we rely on every day is the Inventory Sync functionality. All of our Inventory is managed in Quickbooks, however, T-Hub has an automator that we have set to run every 15 minutes that takes our inventory of each product (currently around 1000 skus) and pushes that data out to all our our selling channels and updates the inventory level of each product on each channel so we literally have real-time inventory management that happens without us lifting a finger. This has given us a competitive advantage in our market place.

I also want to say the customer service we have received over the years from Atandra has been outstanding. Any time we have run into an issue, which is not very often, they have responded very quickly and always resolved the issue. I feel very supported by Atandra and their experienced staff. I would highly recommend them for anyone using Quickbooks and running an online ecommerce business of any size.

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