I can sleep again

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I can sleep again
30 Oct 2015
I used Gixen for the first time, after a few consecutive months of staying up though and until odd hours of the night (1am) until early morning (4am), just to watch and place bids on a few simultaneously listed (different) items. After extreme tiredness from staying up all hours and (for me) the unpleasantness of seeing something I was bidding on disappear from under my nose in the last few seconds, I decided to try Gixen last week. I am so glad I did: I slept well through the night after having placed my maximum bid, woke up at 7am tow hours after the bidding ended, and found I had won. No stress, lots of sleep, and no frenzied last-minute bidding over what I really wanted to pay.

I'm trying it again next week, and realise that Gixen only works when I am prepared to put in a reasonable (for me and for whoever bids just under me) amount... and what that is, we never know until the item has actually sold... Then awaken to find it's either mine, or not. I'm also the person who prefers general anaesthetic to twilight anaesthetic!

So, fingers crossed that I'll be able to report another happy, stress free purchase.

I'm definitely not an adrenaline junkie with regards to purchases. I would rather lose an item overnight that I didn't win because I wasn't prepared to place a high enough bid for through Gixen, than see it disappear before my eyes, or start bidding madly at the very end due to self-induced pressure.

And if course, the best outcome is waking refreshed to see that Gixen has helped me win an item.
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