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31 Oct 2015
I am not good in words so I will try to explain my experience with CrazyLister as simple as I can. When I decided to start selling on eBay I made a huge research on articles and tools that may help me post my listings, improve my search results and finally achieve my goal which was to sell my products. During my research I found crazylister. I have to admit I was really skeptical at the beginning. The app was giving me tons of helpful tools and it was free. I started working with the crazylister and after 2 or 3 days and although I have finished my listings, I found myself experimenting. The things you can do with crazylister our bounded only by your imagination. Now two months later I feel a little bad against crazylister creators. My items are not many so I don’t need to buy their subscription (the full app is free for the first 10 items) and to tell you the truth I don’t want to erase the Crazylister logo from my listings. I really believe that showing the crazylister logo in my listings gives me “points”.

If I have to find one negative thing about Crazylister is that the listings you build with the app are not responsive. According to Crazylister creators they are already working on it and soon it will be added to the crazylister app.

PS. Crazylister is a powerful tool. I will repeat myself by saying that the only border that you have is your imagination. BUT it doesn’t stop there. Crazylister creators have a blog. Inside that blog hides a treasure of knowledge. Combining the Crazylister app and the blog knowledge is the ultimate tool to sell on eBay. Hurry up and take advantage of these two features. I am pretty sure that when they understand what they are giving for free they are going to change their minds.
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Re: Priceless
22 Sep 2016
@Sweet Greek Alchemies Hey!
I'm Max, co-founder at CrazyLister - I'm happy to announce that all our listings are responsive already and look great on any mobile device.
In addition, we recently introduced the world's first and only editor for mobile eBay listings, you're more than welcome to check it our and share your opinion.

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