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Best of breed, period!
6 Nov 2015
I have been listing on eBay for over a decade now and was a very satisfied Blackthorne user. When, eBay announced that Blackthorne will be discontinued, I started looking for alternate solutions. Tried many for several months. Finally, settled with Wonder Lister and have been using since then. The team is making continuous progress in terms of adding new features, improving the usability and performance (by the way, which was quite good to start with). About 6/8 months back, I started selling on Amazon as well to reduce my dependency on eBay. Soon, realized it's not going to be that simple as I had to somehow duplicate all my existing eBay listings over to Amazon, a very daunting task. Found out that Wonder Lister has the capability to do data export to any channel! which was quite amazing news (I didn't know that by that time), even though, I had to upgrade my subscription. Besides, being a rock solid responsive application, Wonder Lister support is just amazing. Never had to wait more than an hour and in fact, many a times, I received a reply in the middle of the night! Would highly recommend Wonder Lister to any serious eBayer and/or Amazon user.
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