Your advice on dealing with suppliers?

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Your advice on dealing with suppliers?
6 Nov 2015
Working with other businesses is perhaps the most intimidating part of selling online.

Having a lot of knowledge of technology, or of selling, is not a big help when you are dealing with manufacturers and wholesalers.

So what's your advice for dealing effectively with your suppliers? How can you get good prices and a build a useful relationship?

Any and all tips are welcome! I'm sure sellers new and old stand to gain something here.
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Re: Your advice on dealing with suppliers?
6 Nov 2015
My advice would be to not spread yourself too thin. If you can do good turnover with a small number of suppliers then they will value your business more than if you only do small turnover with lots of suppliers.

It is without doubt a two way relationship, depending on which business you are in - they will need you and you need them. I find that dealing with the same person in the office is a good way of building a relationship too.
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Re: Your advice on dealing with suppliers?
6 Nov 2015
I think be very friendly and don't burn bridges. Relationship change often and you want to make sure you know about the good deals when they come up.
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Re: Your advice on dealing with suppliers?
7 Nov 2015

Without a doubt the volume and length of your business is important when things go awry - mistakes in ordering, customs delays and losses -

It's very tempting to save a few cents here and there by using different suppliers, but when the crunch comes and the sh*t hits the fan - and believe me life never runs smoothly so it probably will one day - a proven track record with volume business will go a long way to resolving that MAJOR problem when it hits you!

So think long and hard when placing those orders!

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Re: Your advice on dealing with suppliers?
8 Nov 2015
When talking with potential suppliers I try to think of how a selling relationship with me will effect them. Some are happy to sell anything to anyone, and are only concerned with if they will be paid in a timely manor.

Some want to protect their existing sellers with MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) pricing. I let them know that I always sell at MAP or higher.

Some are more concerned with their reputation then others, particularly very small, newly established companies, and I let them know that I understand the demographics of their customers and that I will work with them in developing their brand. I also understand that they need to protect their reputation with other sellers.

I let them know that I sell on line, and want to make sure that they are ok with that. If they do, I find out what their concerns are, and let them know how I will address their concerns. I also let them know the names of other top brands that I sell.

I ask them for a list of their best sellers, if they have hi-rez pictures of their products, any dealer aids, videos, etc.

I let them know that I am a growing business and that I plan to continue to grow indifferently in the future.

I don't let them know that I sell from my house unless they ask, I do let them know I have a web site.
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Re: Your advice on dealing with suppliers?
11 Nov 2015
Attending webinars, trade shows, or any other type of event that your supplier is offering, takes the relationship to a personal level. They all look out for your support at these events, and they appreciate your attendance very much. that helps build a personal relationship. In most cases they will even offer you better deals at events.

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