Inkfrog support is nonexistent !

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Inkfrog support is nonexistent !
7 Nov 2015
Like so many others on here, I've had nothing but problems with inkFrog and their lack of customer support. Apparently, "Char" is the only customer service rep there and unfortunately, has been absolutely useless! My latest problem involved the new Inkfrog Open which is an absolute nightmare to work with! Char's response to my multiple requests for help (since they didn't respond to the first few requests), was, "I'm sorry, we do not provide any technical assistance." When I asked about a free trial of Inkfrog Open, I was told she wasn't allowed to offer that either.

Inkfrog Classic is an absolute nightmare to work with as well. Nothing but problems. Our eBay listings disappear, images are missing, product information is missing, bulk changes don't work many times, website slows down to the point it's impossible to work on, and again, customer support is a joke!

My advice, save your time and money and find a better solution! There's plenty of companies out there that care about our business and will provide excellent customer service and support and Inkfrog is simply not one of those companies!
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Re: Inkfrog support is nonexistent !
1 Jan 2016
@musicman I agree totally!!

inkFrog now has HIGHWIRE which is EVEN WORSE!! and guess what? Poor old CHAR is on that support desk too. He is as useful as a ****ing chocolate teapot as we say it over here in the UK. The product based on INKFROG and INKFROG OPEN - JUST DOES NOT WORK. The system is UNUSABLE to thepoint it was taking us hours just to relist an item that had ended on eBay. We sent dozens of feature requets and **** loads of support calls - but apparently CHAR is upto his neck in them and is currently sleeping under his desk to resolve the calls!

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Re: Inkfrog support is nonexistent !
19 Mar 2017
Well I don't know if something happened in 2015 that I don't know about. But Char was a huge help to me this weekend while Vendio left me high and dry.
inkFrog open has always worked good for me too and I have complicated multi variation listings - whereas vendio crashed and burned with my listings and they don't answer over the weekend.
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