Well Done Guys!!!

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Well Done Guys!!!
12 Nov 2015
This message is for Jeff Cohen. I definitely want to give both your company and Michael a FIVE STAR REVIEW!!
MICHAEL has been most outstanding in his customer service! He has gone far beyond the "call of duty." More than once he has called me to resolve an issue, and see my 2nd account begin to send emails. Tonight I found out that he was AT HOME and calling me to make sure my issue was resolved. I have never known a customer service rep. who would take a service this far. I can not say enough about how impressed I am with Michael and his service to me, and your company, which I am rapidly growing to love!

Your service has taken all the time and worry out of personally sending emails one by one to my customers, and I can still relate to customers on a personal level if needed or wanted! I have become more free with my time, and am growing my companies in brand new ways! I would highly recommend your service to anyone, as it is dependable, and well...Genius!

I hope you get this Jeff. Great job guys!

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