(1 Year Client) - The Truth

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(1 Year Client) - The Truth
16 Nov 2015
If they could get out of their own way they would have a wildly successful business. It does have issue however, and when those issues arise unfortunately the powerful platform is completely overshadowed by their lack of technical support.

1) No phone support
2) Support tickets get closed without resolution
3) Support tickets take weeks / month for resolution
4) Support tickets never get resolved, and you are told it will be part of the "new" system that is currently in Beta.
5) System doesn't sync across all channels frequently
6) Vendor feeds quit working for no reason.
7) Extremely long wait time to get new feeds set up.
8 ) Account manager quit, and now we no longer have a point of contact.
9 ) No sense of urgency, regardless of how big of an impact it is. This company is not a partner and you get a feeling they have no vested interest in the success or failure of your company.

I have tried to overlook the "support issue" because they have a decent system, but we are currently in the process of switching to another supplier. I like their system, but cannot tolerate the horrible support when issues arise. It is pretty bad you have to call their Sales line to take to anyone....

Overall, decent system - horrible customer service and technical support.

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Re: (1 Year Client) - The Truth
17 Nov 2015
@USA Internet Retailer
I'm curious if you would mind sharing the company that you have moved on to? We have been using Solid Commerce for 5+ years and we sell on 4-5 channels and are seriously considering a move to Channel Advisor. However, the price tag is steep and we've begun to wonder if the devil you know is better than the devil you don't? Lots of bad CA reviews out there as well. We think we'll get better functionality with CA, but all companies promise the world to get you to sign the contract.
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Re: (1 Year Client) - The Truth
18 Nov 2015
@blackdog We are in talks with two companies

Channel Advisor who is absolutely the market leader. Their system is robust, and they have more Top 500 Internet Retailers than all the other providers combined. Yes, there are alot of bad reviews, but I have a feeling most of them are from people who had no business using such an advance system. Once implementation is done, they are not going to do the work for you, but if you have a strong team of 5-10 employees that can use the system it can hugely beneficial.

Also, we are currently in talks with Volo Commerce (formerly eSellerPro). They are the UK version of Channel Advisor. They really seem like they are going to hold you hand until you 100% understand their system. I have talked to 3 different Volo customers that gave glowing recommendations (that switched from Solid).

I am still trying to decide who to switch to. The only thing I dont like is that Volo is in the UK, but regardless - either solution is going to be miles better than Solid Commerce. As I am sure you experienced, their support is laughable.
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Re: (1 Year Client) - The Truth
3 Jan 2016
I would suggest you all to use Ecomdash .It definitely has more feature than SolidCommerce. it's 4-5 times cheaper than solidcommerce.
their system simply not working. there is no support at all. if online business is your main income, solidcommerce is the last place that you do business with.

any company that trust itself would definitely offer you free trial.. i don't know what the activation fees are for. you know why they have those fees ?
they tell you that if you sign a contract then they give you discount on those activation fees.

Take my advise twice and stay away from Solidcommerce.
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