Wonderlister is an excellent program for eBay sellers

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Wonderlister is an excellent program for eBay sellers
17 Nov 2015
Our company has been struggling ever since Blackthorne was discontinued. Once we found WonderLister, we were relieved because it was a perfect fit for our company. Not only does it do what Blackthorne did, but it does it better. At first, the program was glitchy and premature but as time went on, the WonderLister Support Team fixed many issues and made it into a fabulous program. There are still minor things to be worked on, but that is not important nor does it get in the way of posting onto eBay. One thing that strikes me is the lightning speed of WonderLister. This aspect cannot be compared to Blackthorne. The speed is a key necessity because the program moves fast which allows more productivity. Overall I am a proud user of WonderLister and was glad I came across it on the web. I highly recommend this program to anyone who was using Blackthorne, SixBit, and any other third party software. There aren't any programs on the market that can match WonderLister and that is coming from somone who used them all! Keep up the great work WonderLister!!!
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