Can Not Fault It !

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Can Not Fault It !
18 Nov 2015
Okay, for those that can remember back to December 2014, RepricerExpress were the company that helped loads of sellers sell their stock for 1p on Amazon. Since then, a lot has changed, helped by Amazons 'pricing alerts'.

Anyway, why use RepricerExpress ?

We used to use MeanRepricer which was free with our Linnworks account, but as our business grew we started encountering several limitations including the amount of time involved in altering the pricing structure of many products at the same time.

RepricerExpress allows us to set any number of rules that we can allocate to individual products or groups of products both locally and internationally. You can allocate different rules to the same product over different marketplaces as well.

The system is really easy to use and to set up. We transferred all our skus over and had them repricing in only a couple of hours. The dashboard is really useful, easy to understand, and can show you products where you could increase your margins.

Since starting to use RepricerExpress we have found that our sales on Amazon have improved by around 30% with a definite increase in margin and in Buy Box allocation.

If you are looking for an Amazon repricer I would seriously advise you to give their free trial a go. If you decide you like it, it is a set monthly fee based on the number of skus being repriced, with no commission on sales.
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