Nothing to lose

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Nothing to lose
18 Nov 2015
I will be honest and say that I did not think that a service such as this would be of any use to us.

As a seller using Amazon across Europe we were reasonably happy with the fees that we were paying when converting Euro payments back into the good old Pound.

After World First contacted us, and we went through the figures, we realised that we could make a small percentage more on each international transaction at no cost to us.

Sign up and set up was easy and straightforward. Transferring of money to your UK bank is just as easy.

There is no long term contract and, if you transfer the minimum amount, no fees. You can even save / make more money if you can afford to wait for the exchange rate to be more favourable.

If you are a small seller across Amazon European marketplaces, you may make a few more quid. The more you sell, in our experience, the more you will make.
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