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Very satisfied Wonder Lister user
18 Nov 2015
I have a fairly large business on eBay and Amazon. After eBay's announcement that they will be retiring Blackthorne, I started searching for an alternate application. Tried many of them out there including Auctiva and SixBit among others. From an article published on eCommerceBytes, came to know of Wonder Lister and started my trial. While initially we had many challenges in properly understanding how to best use Wonder Lister, slowly and steadily, got used to its workings and now I just LOVE it!

Wonder Lister has come a long way in the last year and a half. Superb customer support is why I decided to continue to stick to them. While it is true that almost every application has its own unique issues, particularly during the initial on-boarding phase, it is quite admirable how their customer support (and their engineers!) managed to mitigate any/all queries I had.

During the last eighteen months that I have been using Wonder Lister, requested quite a few additions/changes that would help improve my productivity. Every time such a request was sent, most of the time the implementation was quick. This is one company that truly believes in doing whatever it takes to satisfy their customers.

One of the most awesome feature relevant to me was the ability to have the same data somehow be made available for Amazon. Initially, this feature was not there in Wonder Lister but was added down the road, believe about 6/7 months back. Absolutely marvelous implementation and has resulted in cutting down wasted time in duplicating data to Amazon as well as reduction in data errors.

No doubt, Wonder Lister, as on date is a very stable, fast and mature application. Having said that, it can still improve upon a few areas. Lack of up-to-date user's guide is still an open issue. They would do well to keep it updated as I think it will cut down on support requests. Another area they could improve upon is to provide some integration with third party shipping carriers.

Overall, would highly recommend Wonder Lister to anyone selling on eBay and/or Amazon.
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