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too many bugs combined with indifferent customer service

A review of ShippingEasy by teddychan
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too many bugs combined with indifferent customer service
19 Nov 2015
I only sell on eBay and my Yahoo website, averaging 200 packages per month. Bugs kept cropping up. Nothing major but very annoying. Finally a bug surfaced that ShippingEasy first refused to acknowledge as a bug -- not transferring the full address from my Yahoo orders they called a "missing feature" and said it would be on their "to do" list. Months later, still no progress and still called it a "missing feature." What a joke. I will be moving my business to a competitor in 2016.
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Re: too many bugs combined with indifferent customer service
27 Feb 2017
We are so sorry your time with us was less than ideal. We can certainly understand how a failure to pull in the complete address for any order would be a considerable problem for any shipper, large or small. Our goal is to make your shipping process easier and to ensure your order details, including shipping addresses, not only sync to ShippingEasy, but if possible, are also updated when a change occurs within your store. While we did have an issue syncing company name information for Yahoo orders in March 2016, our developers were able to resolve that problem within just a couple days of the reporting. Since then we have had no other widely reported problems related to our Yahoo store integration.

ShippingEasy strives to meet the needs of every shipper, including all of our Yahoo merchants. If you experience an issue we cannot solve immediately, we will do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible, and provide a temporary solution in the meantime. We take shipping very seriously, and anytime our merchants are unable to ship their orders, is an opportunity for us to prove our commitment to you. We apologize for any misunderstanding there may have been about your problem on our part and would appreciate the chance to speak with you further about it, if you would consider reaching out to our support in the future.
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