Garage Sale equivalent for Win?

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Garage Sale equivalent for Win?
8 Nov 2006
I was using a Mac for awhile and found the listing software Garage Sale, which is extraordinary because it's so easy, AND because the listing templates are really quite handsome compared to the usual dreck supplied with most programs (free or not). I bought Garage Sale and use it on the Mac, but now I'm doing more stuff in Win again, and can't find a decent program for making my listings.

I use TurboLister 2 (a big improvement over previous TurboLister) but it's not even close to as quick and easy as Garage Sale, to say nothing of how the auctions look.

I've looked at lots of programs for desktop use and nothing and nothing looks particularly good. Note also that I'm NOT talking a lot of business here, I just sell a few things a month at most--a camera, a suit, furniture. Still, how the auction looks is important to me and my buyers.

Anybody got any ideas? Thanks.

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Re: Garage Sale equivalent for Win?
16 Nov 2006
This is your basic list to choose from: desktop listing software for Windows

You might like SpoonFeeder or eBaitor for listing design. SpoonFeeder has a lot of templates and eBaitor is a relatively new, professionally written, listing designer. Or you could check out The Seller Sourcebook for templates.

AlienFiles is more idiosyncratic and I would have mentioned Trendy Listing Builder but they are not accepting new registrations, which is a concern.
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Re: Garage Sale equivalent for Win?
26 Nov 2006
If you have a MacIntel then why not install Windoze on a partition and you can still use GarageSale from the regular Mac OSX partition. It's much safer than to risk having your Windoze infected by myriad virii and spyware when you use the internet.

By the way GarageSale 3.0 is a free update for all customers.

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