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UpBidz.Com - Online Auctions, Classifieds And Stores Web Si
21 Nov 2015
UpBidz.Com Auction is a real time Multi-lingual auctions site, SQL database driven, unlimited languages, fully customizable from a web based user center.
Basically it has the same categories a eBay. Users can use their auctions settings tab to chance their auctions theme to many different colors and themes. This is a great personal touch. that gives your Upbidz.Com auctions experience, a great personal look and feel.

You can Also place and view Classified ads and Want ads in Upbidz..com integrated Classified ads and Want ads section. You can even open an online store on this site..

Another great feature is UpBidz.Com uses an rss feed system, that submits your auctions, classified ads and store to Goggle each day, automatically. This means your Upbidz.Com Auction's listings, Classified ads and UpBidz Store, will show up on Goggle right away! and changes are updated daily. Not at the bottom of search results! How we do that, is a trade secrete.

Overall we think UpBidz.Com is the best auction site on the net today. Even better than Ebay! Sometimes, the simpler, the better,
Try us today and see for yourself.! Get A $25.00 auction posting credit for FREE! Just for signing up!

Go to www.upbidz.com and sign up now to get your credit now!

Thank You, UpBidz.Com Team.

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