Highly recommend Suredone!

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Highly recommend Suredone!
23 Nov 2015
Having worked with SureDone for another company in the past, we signed up for their service with the goal to consolidate all of our 12,000+ product skus on Amazon into a single database from which we can edit and push back to Amazon as well as our eBay stores. Suredone was fantastic in getting this done for us as well as going to the next level by getting our eBay stores Strikethrough pricing access, something usually reserved for much bigger eBay sellers.

Everyone at Suredone from Jim to Drew and especially Simon who have worked hard to ensure our project goals were met and even going beyond by helping us consolidate 12,000+ product SKUs to 26,000+ image files both to resize these images as well as to correctly order these images for each item, saving our company hundreds of man hours in labor. Suredone's commitment to resolving a major dispute we have with Amazon is also what will keep us loyal to Suredone for years to come!
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