Absolutely fabulous time saver eBay listing app

A review of Wonder Lister by j.troy90
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Absolutely fabulous time saver eBay listing app
24 Nov 2015
We have been using wonder lsiter almost since it was first launched way back in 2013. We have seen how Wonder Lister has evolved alsmost since its very first release. It has come of age in the last couple of years. Also read some of the previous reviews and have to agree that wonder lister is extremely stable, responsive and comes with a bunch of features that really save us time. One unique distinction we have found over time is that the company works directly with their users and implement features they ask for. During the last couple of years, we have requested innumerable changes and additions and almost every time they have been quick to get those done. Support is just fabulous. Yet to find a company that is so responsive. Overall, our experience has been extremely positive.
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