SolidCommerce is simple the best

A review of Solid Commerce by mike819
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SolidCommerce is simple the best
27 Nov 2015
when we decided to start our own ecommerce site, we were offered 2 inventory management platforms by our website designer. after researching both, we felt that SolidCommerce was the best fit for us. It turned out that we made the correct choice.

We use solidcommerce to manage the inventory on our eBay site and our own eCommerce site. It has worked beautifully. its simple to learn operate.

Although the platform is great, the customer reps are really the icing on the cake. when you first join SC you are set up with one hour training lessons. As with any new platform there is a learning curve. However your account manager walks you through each step until you and they are confident you understand the process. The reps are extremely responsive. If ever i do not understand something, know how to perform a certain task or having an issue i can not figure out they are right on it, understanding, researching and getting the issue resolved. (My rep Jason especially

i could go on but in the end one has to investigate their management platform options for themselves. I highly recommend SolidCommerce as that choice.
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Re: SolidCommerce is simple the best
27 Jan 2016
@mike819 What other platform did you consider besides SolidCommerce?
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