Awesome Deal, Easy to use, no pressure!

A review of JPEGbay by nanlew25
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Awesome Deal, Easy to use, no pressure!
1 Dec 2015
It is rare indeed that one can actually find a site that actually does for free exactly what they say they'll do and they do it with NO PRESSURE, NO SIGN UP. Of course we have an option of signing up and also getting a very inexpensive, perk filled premium type of plan. I feel, by the way I was treated so well, that if I ever need this type of service, JPEGbay is the one that I will permanently hook up with.

Even Better, The experience of viewing the images is very simple and direct. They don't clutter up your auction listing with a bunch of advertising and page redirecting designed to lead your buyers away from your listing.

The Best Part? Even a 7 year old Kid could do this in 3 minutes or less. I just now added 31 Extra images to the bottom of one of my eBay listings and I was done and had my code in under 2 minutes and I am not, -in any way- a computer whiz.

Thank YOU JPEGbay!
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