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Prior to Knitting Easy Store
6 Dec 2015
Online business is a business that is growing more and more because people rarely have time to go shopping. And they want it cheap.
I believe you are reading this Blog will be known website called Ebay. As you know that Ebay is the largest auction site in the world.
I gather my product Then open a shop on Ebay's website under the

Preface Author
MR. Numchai Hem Praphasri or ID User Arohaknitting. Graduate diploma handiwork electronic digital computer,
the branch worked with private companies Philip sites in the three technical team assigned to maintenance,
computer online and has experience in the ATM ( automatic teller machine )
It has experience in computer medium.
In addition to experience in computer Also interested in the income from the business.
And doing business in the online world Including the knowledge Knitting machine where my father taught
Because my father and my mother is a professional manufacturer of hats yarn wholesale home is knitting machine,
such as Singer Mod 888 / Silver Reed Mod 810 / Singer memo-matic / Singer Mod 280 / Brother Hk 830 / Brother 860 /. Brother 868 /
Toyota knitting machine model K 510 / Ribbing Attachment HK- 830 / HK - 850 / Intarsia carriage which all this.
If knitting machine malfunction or cutting off my dad and I have to maintain those knitting machine. To return to normal operation.
So it made me understand the accessories,Spare parts and the system of the knitting machine all is well,
and thanks to my father who has a knowledge of the knitting machine,
encouragement and exhortation urge working toward goals and success. In life
Finally, thanks Clients and others involved in trading. Supported by a period of 9 years, it was a great experience to have the opportunity to know.
And swap the knowledge of the knitting machine. Under the business on the website eBay.

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