There are much better options

A review of SellerMetrics by Sam99
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There are much better options
9 Dec 2015
Signed up for free trial. During the trial I ran into some issues and reached out to their support for help. They provided a response which did not resolve the issue. They still went ahead and charged my credit card. Asked them to cancel and they refused claiming it was past the free trial. I get it that it was a couple of days past the free trial but I kept the account active in good faith that they would be able to resolve the issue. They were of no help and it's obvious that all that they wanted was my money. Seems like a very unprofessionally run mom and pop outfit. Very short sighted - had they been more reasonable about it and resolved the issue I would have been a long term customer. I would strongly suggest to anyone considering them to never go near these scam artists. There are much better solutions out there.
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