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Best Software and Support
16 Dec 2015
When I first bought Atandra Thub several years ago, I was very apprehensive about a software that you buy and install yourself and the support is online using a ticket system (not a phone support system). Very soon I realized that this company, its software, and its support system is absolutely the best available anywhere. First of all, the software is spectacular, works perfect, and rarely causes a problem. But, when it does, simply enter a ticket, and Atandra employees spring into action immediately, and do not rest until you are running perfectly again, EVEN WHEN SOMETIMES IT ISN'T THEIR PROBLEM! Atandra Thub is simply the best software ever written to assist ecommerce merchants on the internet! Absolutely Unbelieveble Value!

Fred Chappell
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Re: Best Software and Support
6 Feb 2016
I'm afraid I have had the opposite experience with Atandra Thub. The software works OK while it is working, but when there are problems, you can expect to wait about a week for any real answers, even when it is urgent and your business is not able to keep functioning without their help. I have used T-HUB for 7 years and the support has gotten gradually worse. When they implemented the monthly fee for support, a few years ago, I thought that maybe there would be a change, but it's actually gotten worse.

Right now, January 2016, I'm waiting for answers on a problem that I've had for since November 2015. I keep asking and asking. The program is not doing what it is supposed to do. The "Help Desk" stalls by asking for more information each time I request an update. I will be doing ANYTHING within my power to find another solution.

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Re: Best Software and Support
5 May 2016
I have had similar issues with T-HUB myself, support is extremely slow. It worked well when we started using it a few years back but it seems like we are outgrowing this software i am looking for a replacement but have yet to find one. if any one has made the switch I would love to hear about it.
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