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The World's 1st TRUE Ecommerce Product Management Database
3 Jan 2016
I have been Chavi's most staunch supporter and vigorous user since Day 1. I made 100,000 sales in Blackthorne and was devastated when eBay took it away. Because of newer technology made available in Wonder Lister, I am now able to get past former limitations.

THANK GOD for Chavi and his amazingly talented Developer Team, it saved our Ebay business. These guys are beyond awesome. I made feature suggestions I thought would take weeks which rolled out in 24 hours. WonderLister has been able to implement everything I have thrown at them! They were able to implement extremely difficult upgrades, listening intently to everything their user base has needed.

TIME IS MONEY, SPEED IS PROFIT! It never ceases to amaze me how other developers could care less how many mouse clicks it takes to accomplish something or how long it takes to download from Ebay. We don't have TIME to wait or patience for needless clicks!

DESIGN of GUI and speed of API are the most important aspects of any listing tool. In our business each additional mouse click costs up to $1000 per year. WonderLister can download / refresh 1,000 products from Ebay in minutes. Competing applications can take HOURS to accomplish stuff.

- Product details are now split up into Tabs, which takes away page scrolling through 100 fields to do simple edits. We have used other tools extensively. Wonderlister is the fastest way to get new products created, listed to ebay, and edited later - bar none.

- Intelligent field layout. Most used elements are in the upper left, photo section on the far right for easy drag & drop. Fields are sized properly, everything is highly intuitive.

- Highly Intelligent Photo Management: Drag & Drop, Rearrange, Upload in correct order. Show the Local Path or URL, export either the URL or local path.

- Awesome Customs Fields! Now in it's own Tab with enough room to type, you can write formulas or use "=" in Custom Fields. Combine data to perform further calculations in Excel, use special characters without breaking the script. This was a huge drawback in Blackthorne. HUGE time saver if you are exporting your data for other websites.

- FASTEST Ebay API integration ever. Recently we relisted 26 closed listings by Searching for each record, then Open, Change price & Qty, Submit, go next. All done in under 5 minutes. WonderLister posted each listing in under half a second!

- Category Search! This feature trumps every tool out there. Simply type in a product name, choose among Suggested Categories, and done. This saves 1-2 minutes per listing.

- Robust folder structure. Products can be stored in 1 or more folders, you can assign folders at Creation, organize your data like never before.

- EDIT SKU on live listings! This does not exist in any other platform.

- Duplicate SKU filter. If you are porting your data to other Sites, you cannot have duplicate SKUs!

- Auto Archiving. Every time you relist, closed item automatically clears out of your Folder, based on settings.

- Best in class Export. Export Templates or Listings in any order, rename columns, insert field values. True data portability is vital for any multi-channel seller. WonderLister delivers on steroids.

- Views Management. Get control over those columns, save Views, IN THE DATABASE!

- Program Layout. Remove things you don't need like Subtitle, Best Offer, Consignment, Location, etc. If you don't use it, don't see it!

- FUTURE Improvements! I am confident that WonderLister is here to stay. Chavi was part of the Blackthorne incompetence and he is a man of principal. Chavi will get things DONE, such as Cloud Database or Amazon Integration. I trust Chavi to continue to make WonderLister a game changer for all ecommerce businesses.

NO, I don't work for WonderLister, or get paid to post this. I'm just very HAPPY this tool exists again to build up my business!

Jay Smith, CEO
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