they dont even sell pallets of merchandise

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they dont even sell pallets of merchandise
6 Jan 2016
They have a small box on a pallet and they list the lot as a full pallet on there web site. The owner is breaking down pallets of merchandise into real small lots. They say on there web site that customers wanted smaller pallets to give it a try. Yea, right. I have never heard anyone ask for small pallets. Owner running the business into the ground. They have a reserve price now, but don't tell anyone, they just Pass to the next pallet if they don't get there price....this is an auction? the retail price they list is almost twice the real price, should send a letter to the state attorney general for fraud.
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Re: they dont even sell pallets of merchandise
13 Feb 2016
@arrowshooter you got that right , the news letter says bigger and better ...right it turned into a crooked business model with all the lies they throw our way , the new thing is they won't even let you bid on line anymore or in house , the bids goes super fast with on the floor bids we are in house with no one bidding on the floor and vise versa with on line bids , they over ride every bid you put on ..shill bidding all the way!! I have a lot of people who are putting in a claim to the Attonerys office !
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