We love RestockPro

A review of RestockPro by DANEEN
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We love RestockPro
12 Jan 2016
We love RestockPro. They have wonderful customer service and this software is extremely user friendly. I would highly recommend this software product to anyone who has wholesale accounts. It does a wonderful job of suggestion reorders, let's us know when inventory is low, creates po's very easily, checks in inventory with a breeze, gives inventory profit margin broken down to the detail, handles FBA inventory and local inventory as well. This software handles kits/bundles very well. It even includes and creates Amazon FBA Shipments. The reports are lacking in analysis; however, I'm sure they will be expanding this part of the system soon. My only wish is that they expand to being a multi-platform inventory AND order management system. For what this product costs and what it does, it does extremely well! We are on the $69.00 per month and are very happy with them.

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