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12 Nov 2006
Well here I am again. Been trying to use up my $25.00. I give up!! I'm leaving $10.00 on the table and running. The other review said they had over a 99% success the same as the site, hummmmm. Well I have slightly over a 12% failure rate that is BidSlammer's fault and nothing else. Lots of excuses that do not fly. I' m just telling the straight facts here even through I would like to bash them again. Why does it always have to be the ones I want the most?
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Re: BidSlammer :-)
24 Mar 2007
Hi there,

I saw some of your reviews and wanted to comment. I notice you always give one star in your reviews and wanted to encourage you to take some time to consider some of the silver lining that comes with some sevices.

At first I was like you, I thought, gosh, 25 cents as a minimum - for a $20 win? But then I realized, heck I would pay that to win an item I loved. I have been using BidSlammer for four years. I think the pricing is awesome. I understand what you are saying, but you have to consider the following. BidSlammer is the only service I know with a "pay per use" system. You can deposit $10, for example, and milk it for the entire year. I have been using the same $10 for six months and over 100 bids, easy.

You have to check out the auction sniper collector features.

So while a dime per bid adds up, it really is just fake money, since they give you a bonus when you sign up. And you can let the account sit there for months and NEVER get charged anything.

Also, make sure you double check any "misses" you think you had. I thought my failure rate was 10% but I was wrong. For example, I thought I missed bids when it turned out my password was bad. I forgot to update it at BidSlammer. They even have a way to look up each snipe to see exactly when they bid and when eBay processed the bid. It's awesome.

If for anything at all try BidSlammer Slam-it toolbar. You never have to leave eBay.

Hang in there and make sure to write customer service and they will bend over backwards for you. If not, tell 'em I sent you!

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