Ordoro is the ideal modern backoffice tool for multi channel

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Ordoro is the ideal modern backoffice tool for multi channel
18 Jan 2016
As a multi-channel seller, our company CaliDogz has been using Ordoro to handle shipping and inventory management online for over two years.

Ordoro has been a great help and allowed CaliDogz to scale up on Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce and our Spree site with limited need to add more overhead.

Ordoro is a modern API first solution which handles the key issues of getting orders, printing labels and if you are subscribed to the pro version updating inventory on multiple channels.

The great thing about it is that all channels orders can be managed in a single stream and all orders can be done together without having to go to different channels.

Ordoro (like Eventory.io and Linux ) is focused on doing one thing and doing it well. With the availability of the Ordoro API, we have additional capabilities including the automated listing tools provided by Eventory.io to list items and check for any unlisted products on a channel.

Note: Spree site is handled by Eventory.io to integrate to Ordoro.
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