Hands Down the Best! @ an Amazing Price

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Hands Down the Best! @ an Amazing Price
19 Jan 2016
Crazy Lister is AMAZING!!!

3 months in with a Graphic Artist, $2000 later & still no professional looking ebay listing

I have been trying to get my ebay store to look professional for nearly a year. I had no luck, even after hiring a Graphic Artist and paying over 2k still could not get what I wanted & when they did give me something that looked decent it wasn't compatible with ebay. I came across crazy Lister a few days ago. Honestly its everything I needed & more. After a few days my listings are now looking amazing, even noticed an increase in sales in just these few days. After I finished my first 2 listings I upgraded to the Pro membership @ $24.00 month how could I not sign up.

Wait there is more!!!!!! Excellent Tech. Support, I couldn't figure out how to use one of their features so I sent an email late at night actually it was close to midnight and within seconds I got a response. Not a generic response it was a real person Victor. Victor quickly guided me through the process of using the feature.

THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Crazy listings so happy I found you! thank you.

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