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Generally excellent

A review of BigCommerce by ScarfKing
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Joined: Oct 7, 2014
Generally excellent
19 Jan 2016
Excellent customer service: very helpful 24/7. Polite and pleasant with a sense of humor.
Excellent, well-organized back end that enables even a non-techie to make small changes (such as carousels and sliders) add blog pages, etc without problem.
Excellent selection of template designs which are easy to customize.
Lots of apps, and they are easy to install.
Good flexibility for downloading, editing and updating inventory via CSV files
Good integration with google shopping, and lots of other useful built-in stuff I can't even detail here, like setting up preferred customer lists, etc.
No bugs or problems. It's not finicky.

Cumbersome onboarding process if you have an extant store. (They are probably all like that)

Extremely laborious inventory mgmt. Before you add inventory with variants, you have to set up each variant for nearly every product in a separate module, then go to another module and add them in, then denote skus, set rules for photo display etc. Far more cumbersome and time consuming than should be necessary. Lots of tabs, lots of waiting to load.

Limited discount and coupon options.

They advertise eBay integration, but last time I checked (about a year ago) it was so limited that it was basically vaporware. Doesn't work in the real world, especially if you have variants or use more than one photo. Maybe they've upgraded it. I wouldn't hold my breath for the even more complicated Amazon integration.

Feedback solicitation (email) module is extremely difficult to customize. If you don't like the boilerplate, get ready to spend a lot of hours trying to change it.

All in all, I like BC because it gives me a lot of control over the back end, works well, is easy to find information and has absolutely first class support, both live and in backup documentation.

[Last edited: 20 Jan 2016]
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