Bid on Fusion is Fake auctions

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Bid on Fusion is Fake auctions
20 Jan 2016
They bid on there own auction lots to drive up the prices. I have a friend who works in the Pennsylvania location and he told me they definitely bid on there own items. If an item isn't selling for what they feel it should, around $100 or so they have there employees place an Internet bid to drive it up. The whole sale they have an employee on the phone with an ear piece near the auctioneer advising another employee in front of a computer to bid if needed.

The last sale I was to, I did see it taking place. I also watched a sale online, the same bidder #354448xx bid on every single item in 50-75 range, driving the next bid to $100. When no one else bids, they get stuck with a lot of the pallets in that number and rerun them in the next sale. I walk every sale on the viewing day and see some of the very same pallets over and over, till they get what they feel is a fair price. There so lazy, they don't even rearrange the pallet to hide the fact it's been sold last sale. When I ask why the pallet was still there from the last sale, they tell me the buyer never paid. Watch a sale online, you will see it in action!

If your going to give it a try, You also have to keep in mind before you bid, is almost everything on the pallet is going to have an issue in one way or another. These are store returns that were unable to be resold by the retailer. Most items are either missing parts, damaged or broken. Buy 2 or 3 of the same item and you may end up with 1 in the end. Also, the retail dollar amount they put on the pallet is a made up fake number the pallet packer comes up with in his head. They don't even know how accurate it is.

EDIT: I was just to another auction in person. Now they have an employee with a clipboard writing down the lot numbers and the price they sold for. There were many lot numbers on the board that had an "N" written for the price. I asked him what that ment, he advised "no sale" What no sale? This is an auction with bids starting at $10 how could there be a no sale, I clearing heard every item get bids. Do they have have a shill bidder in the crowd now? I will have to watch the bidders closer now. I'm sure those "N" pallets will be in the next sale again, with them hoping for more money for them.


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Re: Bid on Fusion is a SCAM Bidonfusion
27 Jan 2016
@Yougotcaught that is all true what you say , I spend there 50K in 2 years and I stop buying from them because if you buy online and go to pick up half items are missing , I pay one pallet 500$ because I saw Barnett crossbow on it wen I come to pick up crossbow was gone and I ask manager where is crossbow and one of employs bring me outside ,so if I didn't see that crossbow is missing I would lose my money ,buyer premium is to high I spend 2000$ for 10 pallets I have to pay 2450,,, 5$ for each pallet and 20% premium
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Re: Bid on Fusion is Fake auctions
12 Feb 2016
@Yougotcaught you are dead on with BidOnFusion , they do it at all there auctions in every state it's illegal to shill bid ! A few people brought it to my attention who bid with them a awhile back . And started paying attention . Good luck
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