Looking for advice on starting up

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Looking for advice on starting up
22 Jan 2016
I'm hoping that someone out there can give me some advice about where to start with my first eCommerce business. I'm going to start a t shirt company with my partner who is a graphic designer.

I'm having trouble deciding on which platform will suit us best or should we spend the time and build one with a word press template.

I'm looking for the following:

- ease of setup
- access to a large amount of distribution channels, Amazon, eBay etc
- straight forward payment solutions
- access to a large number of drop ship companies
- an international presence

When i look around Shopify keeps coming up and I have found drop ship companies that i like that integrate with them. If i was looking to expand in the future is shopify a good starting point?

Any advice or do's and don'ts would be greatly appreciated as there is so much information out there that its hard to figure out where to start.

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Re: Looking for advice on starting up
26 Jan 2016

David Hi,

A word press template will be the best option as a starting point for your business. Your first eCommerce business store will need the flexibility to make changes to fit your audience and be as engaging on multiple levels.

Alongside Shopify, you may want to look at plentymarkets as you have mentioned you need:

- ease of setup
- access to a large amount of distribution channels, Amazon, eBay etc
- straight forward payment solutions
- access to a large number of drop ship companies
- an international presence

Your business model requires an omni-channel strategy to position your products across multiple markets, countries and a strong web presence so you have the ability to dive deeper into data analysis and present your T-Shirts with the buying behaviours and engagement on multiple levels.

Managing your own word press store in parallel with any e-Commerce platform is always a great startegy.

I encourage an online business to gain complete control for their store as a large chunk of your revenues in time will be generated via your online presence.


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Re: Looking for advice on starting up
28 Jan 2016
Hello David,
If you are looking for the eCommerce platform, yes I would suggest Shopfiy. Is good option for you. Shopify platform will meet all your requirements you mention in the thread and they have good support service also, to clarify your issues as soon as possible.

The best ecommerce solution is integrated approach towards eCommerce store which can potentially increase your online store sales with strong marketing approach. You may refer end to end solution right from designing your eCommerce website, development, marketing and analytics for improvement of your eCommerce website.

For open source CMS I suggest for startup you will go with the wordpress template that would be the best for you, But for the Large eCommerce online store I am strongly suggest go with the Magento.

The eCommerce solution which our company offer is:-

eCommerce strategy development and planning
Third-party application integration
Payment gateways Integration
Existing site Optimization
Development of Customized shopping cart

If you need any assistant for above solution, please write to us(avinash@innomindtech.in), we are more then a happy to help you.


Hope this will help.
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Re: Looking for advice on starting up
27 Oct 2016
Hi, I would you suggest magento is the perfect platform to your eCommerce startup. There are lots of successful reason there, but few reason I listed below why its perfect.

Feature-Rich: Practically none of the existing platforms do not have such a plurality of functional features as Magento has.

Scalable: The size of your store doesn’t matter, Magento is able to accommodate everything.

Safe And Secure: With Magento, you can be 100% confident in the security of your online store.

One Common Backend System: You can run numerous websites on the same common backend system. Each of your websites can have a different design and even domains, but controlled by a single unified admin panel.

SEO Friendly: Magento has everything to help you sell. The most important that it creates very clean URLs, tags and descriptions with keywords. It also has a powerful tools such as Up-Sells and Cross-Sells that encourage the user to order more products.

Want to know more about why magento is the best?. Go here. bit.ly/1HlA9vp

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