Dated & Tedious

A review of Auctiva by sardog107954
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Dated & Tedious
23 Jan 2016
The entire interface seems as though it is left over from the 1990's. I keep expecting to have to throw in some DOS commands to get it to work. Maybe that what it needs because this service is horrible.

Regardless of the profiles and pre-settings and all the other promises Auctiva makes, entering listings is a way too cumbersome. Change the font, change the color, change the size....oh you need to change a few words....change the font, change the color, change the size.

You want to upload pictures? On step #93 you finally get to view the photos as they would appear. Too bad one is out of order because you now have to start all over again at step #1.

Wait, before you leave that page to check on something, make sure you save it otherwise there is a good chance it will be gone when you come back.

This has proved to be way too frustrating just creating listings. After 100 listings or so I thought it would become easier but the entire process is not natural, making every effort a thinking chore.

Bottom line...a frustrating waste of time and energy.
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