Best OMS Ever

A review of Stone Edge Order Manager by StoneEdgePro
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Best OMS Ever
26 Jan 2016
I've been using StoneEdge since way back when they had around 2 techs .

It's really been a love/hate relationship, but I would suggest it to anybody!

A few things though.....

1. StoneEdge PERFORMS best on PROPER hardware. You have no idea how many of my clients cry their heart out that it's too slow / buggy etc, only to see it transform into a powerhouse once they have the proper hardware, OS, MS Access etc.

2. Someone in your company should be tech/computer/access savvy if you are planning on having more than 5 users on StoneEdge

3. COMMON SENSE solves most issues.

4. Acknowledgement that software isn't perfect...neither is your spouse. You keep them both and make good of the other 99% percent.

5. Setup can take a time-span to do.... there's the initial setup, and then as you progress in the first few weeks, you'll have to set parameters as you notice them.

6. Workflow is KEY. Pay someone with experience and brains to setup your company workflow.

So why marry a non-perfect spouse? Simple. There really is no better OMS that has unlimited functionality potential, open source and doesn't cost a million bucks.

If you have a few orders, or don't need anything more than 1 feature, than by all means.... use a simple online OMS. But if you're looking to build a company platform to help you grow the way you want to....Stoneedge is the way.

One of our clients processes about 2k orders per day from 15 different channels. Rarely even see a hiccup.

That being said, their support definitely has what to be desired.

That's why I suggest you find an outside consulting/tech firm (ad: like me, or Travis) to assist you.

Again, if you have volume of orders, it will cost you ALOT more to go anywhere else.

Feel free to email me at with any questions.
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Travis Romine
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Re: Best OMS Ever
18 Feb 2016

Couldn't agree more. I also have clients rocking with Stone Edge. The new owners have shown promise to increase functionality even further. Super excited for the future of SE!
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Travis Romine
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Minh Vu
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Re: Best OMS Ever
11 May 2017
@StoneEdgePro Agree with you. You will need a dedicate programmer work with StoneEdge software. The software written in VBA MS Access so in a sense, it's open source.

I was able to do just that, and help grow our company to a 3000+ orders pick/pack/ship with multiple fulfillment warehouses. Since we use enterprise solution, and MS SQL server, I was able to spin up an elaborate web portal to manage our orders and API with fullstack of packing KPI, sales dashboard, etc... I also modify the hell out of the code to support automated order imports from our many sale channel (20+) and stuck with version 5.9. Never upgrade it since I modified the code so much.

Well worth the initial $5000 investment.

Since March 2015, we had moved on and migrated to a bigger, more $$$ platform however StoneEdge always held a special place in my heart.
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