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AuctionCapture - Free Auction Analytics Tools
19 Nov 2006
Introducing a new site that will help all auction buyers and sellers:

Search Auctions Easily
It's easy to find what you want across multiple auction sites and stores.

Our Analytics Determine the Value and What You Want
Our system tells you the market value of your search. Just type in a term and you'll see the average sale price on items with those keywords.

Save Your Detailed Searches
Have all your favorite searches in one place, no need to re-enter them over and over. No more forgetting to search & missing out.

Powerful RSS and Watchlists
It's never been easy to have your searches available as RSS or all on your watchlist.

Most Popular and Suggestions
Our Auction Analytics Engine finds the auctions tailored to you. It looks at what you like and what others like, and then make suggestions.

Great Value at No Cost
That's right, every feature is and will remain 100% Free.

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