eBay support chat needs PING!

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eBay support chat needs PING!
11 Feb 2016
Anyone tried getting support from eBay on chat?
It's REALLY painful.

ANY decent chat support will give you a wonderful thing called a 'ping!'.
When the other side you are chatting to responds, you hear a PING sound!
Ground breaking technology?? Yes!
It was introduced 10 years ago!

eBay haven't caught on and want to punish their sellers.

You have to constantly alt-tab back to the chat window - just in case the other side, who seems to be asleep for long periods and takes for ages to reply to any basic message actually replies to you!!

AND... if you let it go beyond 2 minutes with no response... they cut you off!!

I absolutely hate it!

Am I the only one who has this problem??

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