Bidonfusion in house shill bidding

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Bidonfusion in house shill bidding
12 Feb 2016
Be careful with BidOnFusion , all the negative reviews are 100 percent true ! They bid on their auctions online and they also have their own people on the floor shill bidding , they ride the bids on both ends with over priced palletts , with 80 percent not worth a dollar , broken missing pieces etc !! And they want a lot of money for mostly garbage ! They put al their palletts together so they know what's in them , sold as is where is ? You determine what the worth is ! Which is fine nothing is 100 percent , but realize the value on most of the stuff Is sold in stores half of what Bidonfusion retails it for ! But what is unethical and illegal is in house shill bidding and riding the bids ! You can ask all you want , they will lie to you with the same answers it was a fake account or they didn't pick up the pallets ,how dumb do they think we are ??? No one would spend 1,000 dollars on something that's worth 500 dollars , the same palletts go back up the next week or they add stuff to them to hide it !! Quite a few of us have been watching how they operate on line and in house with a ton a proof !! It all comes from corporate ! The more you complain the more they mess with your bids !! What a shame ! They claim they want to help people make money and start their own business ?? All lies !! Report to your local DA office and Attonerys General office , what they are doing is shameful and illegal !
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