The WORST repricer ever. It will destroy you.

A review of Sellery by selleryvictim
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The WORST repricer ever. It will destroy you.
21 Feb 2016
The worst repricer I have ever used. Almost NONE of the promised service is received. It is terrible with speed. AND you can't have inventory more than 50,000. IF you go beyond 50,000 , Sellery turns off MOST of the features such as real-time repricing, which will destroy your repricing strategies and your business. When turned off, Sellery will reprice your inventory ONCE a DAY. Plus, Sellery overcharges you for this ONCE A DAY repricing service (1% of your sales).
I have multiple proofs and documents that the owner and manager of Sellery acknowledges these shortcomings of Sellery. Instead, go with a repricer that harges $49 a month , and it will do much better job at repricing your inventory.
On at least one occasion, Sellery messed up thing on their end and it took 1 day for them to resolve this, during which I received 300% more sales, ALL at a LOSS because my prices went down significantly. Sellery apologized but did nothing to make this up. Plus I paid Sellery comission for those sales.

When I discussed these, Sellery acknowledged these and actually suggested me to QUIT Sellery becaue they can't keep up with my inventory, which was about 100,000.

Whether you are a small or large business, I recommend STAYING AWAY FROM SELLERY.
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Re: The WORST repricer ever. It will destroy you.
2 Mar 2016
This is Mike from SellerEngine, creators of Sellery. I am truly sorry that we've done something to upset you. Please understand that it was never our intention.

It is true that Sellery may not be the perfect fit for every Amazon business. We try to develop our software with as many sellers in mind, but there are a lot of different types of sellers with a wide variety of needs out there.

In Sellery, we do offer real-time repricing, but as you stated, there are limitations around that. We never tried to hide this or anything from you. We let you know that as your inventory grew from about 100,000 listings to 400,000 listings that it reached a point where we could not support that specific feature set for your account.

We did recommend you cancel your subscription once we realized that we could not provide the type of service you needed and how upset it made you. It would have been a greater disservice to try to convince you to stay or make promises we could not honor. That's not how we like to work with our customers - honesty is the best policy.

I know Sellery worked really well for you and you became very disappointed in us when some features were no longer supported after the growth of your account. But I stand by our decision to be open and honest about our limitations and not try to string you along as a customer when we knew we couldn't help out like you wanted.

We will continue to build and improve Sellery to meet a wider audience of needs. It was a pleasure to see your business take off and I hope you continue to do well.
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