A must have application for eCommerce businesses.

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A must have application for eCommerce businesses.
25 Feb 2016
In this 21st Century, almost every eCommerce business has its users or customers on social media leading to the popularity of social media campaigns or advertisement. However, eCommerce businesses are unable to match exactly how social media campaigns affected their bottom line. How much sales did the campaigns bring in? What is the most effective social media channel? Where did customers drop off within the purchase funnel? All these are some questions on the mind of eCommerce business owners. Cocktail Insights can provide answers for questions like this, enabling users of this application to make data-backed decisions to boost sales.
Cocktail Insights is an application that enables eCommerce businesses to match direct sales to social media campaigns. This product is currently in development but please leave your email on the website www.cocktailinsights.com . There will be a 25% discount available for our first 200 signups.

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